Lotus Sustainables - Lotus Trolley Bag - Set of 4 Reusable Grocery Cart Bags - Earth Tone Colors

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Lotus Sustainables' innovative four-bag system eliminates the need for harmful single-use plastic bags and takes a stand against plastic waste. The four bags spread out over the cart like an accordion to provide a faster, easier and more organized method of shopping.

The unique Velcro handle allows you to hang the bags on the back of most shopping carts, no hook needed. Then, shop as normal. When all your items are on the conveyor belt, simply place the bags inside the cart and spread them out in one easy motion. You now have 4 open, upright bags allowing you to pack your goods with both hands in a fraction of the time. At your car, effortlessly separate each bag to individually fit in your trunk. Once unpacked simply reattach the bags along the Velcro strips and roll up. Make your grocery shopping effortless!

Lotus Trolley bags are made of washable, eco-friendly, non-woven fabric with durable double stitching. Unique features include specialty egg & wine pockets, a large insulated cooler bag, and strong wide handles that can strap over your shoulder. They're guaranteed to be the best eco-friendly grocery bags you have ever owned.

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